Meg is a slow-fashion advocate, with a wealth of experience in the slow-fashion space. Specialising in giving the complexities around sustainability within the fashion industry a voice through styling, contributing, writing, talks and workshops. Meg is passionate about creating systems and in particular, looking at services that will benefit the community.  

As an eco-preneur, Meg's work has a strong focus on working towards a sustainable fashion future and she actively encourages preserving what we already own through her mending workshops which have since featured in the Mostyn Art Gallery; and ongoing work as a contributor for publications such as Tortoise Magazine, the world's first vegan fashion magazine Vilda and more recently Fashion Roundtable

This led to co-founding a circular fashion studio based in North Wales, Stiwdio Cylch - offering a curated range of up-cylced items for children. 

Initially her work focused on the environmental impacts caused by the fast-fashion industry and over the last year or two has evolved into a passion in researching and raising awareness into the social impacts, and in particular, the complexities of the garment workers caught within the global supply chain


Having also worked in the communication sector, Meg approaches each new project with a clear understanding of the brand, enabling a focused and well-orchestrated shoot or body of work. Her honest and accountable approach always ensures that the outcome stays authentic and true to the brand and vision.


If you'd like to collaborate or discuss a new project, please get in touch